Let’s have tea

My gift from Emma is ready to be enjoyed!  I love tea.  The hint of blueberry in this was amazing.  I put a little sugar in it to give it a little happiness.  I saved some and then also put it on ice.  I found both ways were tasty.Picture1.29 3499Some people sit and have coffee with friends, get up in the morning and make that first pot of “Joe”, not me.  I know how to make coffee but, I really love tea.  The taste is more exciting to me.  I can sit and talk about the same things over tea as others talk over coffee.  Tea has a different crowd, a little more easy going I would have to say.

That is how I would describe myself, easy going, always ready to listen, I get up in the morning in a good mood and I always have a smile and a cheerful hello.  Does this all come from being a tea drinker?

Thank you Emma for this amazing bag a tea.  I enjoyed every drop of it.

10 thoughts on “Let’s have tea

  1. I enjoy tea also but not usually in the morning. I vary my iced tea with different flavors like chai and/or raspberry. Sometimes, on a cold winter evening, I’ll curl up with a delicious cup of caramel tea. Mm mm, with a drizzle of almond milk and a pot of stevia. The tea you described sounds worth giving a try too sometime! I love blueberry. Glad you had a good experience!


    • I buy so many different boxes of tea that I hide them in between the pots and pans so my kids don’t give me a hard time about them..hahaha
      Don’t you think making your own taste better? I’ve also noticed that different types of water give tea a different taste.
      I need to try the almond milk in some tea..something new and yummy!

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  2. Well I’m glad you enjoyed the tea!
    I’ve never had it on ice before, maybe I should give it a go. Usually when I have iced tea it’s the Nestea or Liptons bottled iced tea which is pretty much just made of sugar!
    Also, what are your favourite kinds of tea? I can keep an eye out for any interesting flavours I come across 🙂
    And yes, I think tea drinkers are just more relaxed people!


    • Do you have Starbucks tea? I love the ones you put in a bottle of water and shake it…oh yum!
      I try every new kind I see, it’s just fun.
      You have Lipton? Wow, I thought those were only here in the states.
      Do you like hot chocolate? Those come in little packets that are easy to send 🙂

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      • You know, I don’t think we have Starbucks tea here – I’ve only ever seen it on your blog! Starbucks isn’t as popular in Limerick as it is on other places. There was a Starbucks at the university I went to but that’s outside the city. We only got a Starbucks in the city a few months ago! Costa and Insomnia are more common coffee places here.
        We do have Liptons here, but not a huge selection. You can get the Liptons Iced Tea here and a few types of fruit teas but the ones you sent me a while back, never seen those here. We have a lot of Twinings tea here, do you have that in America?
        I do love hot chocolate, think I have a few different sachets lying around the place! I’ll try send some with the next package to you! (I’m trying out some smashbooks and flipbooks that I saw in youtube videos, hopefully something I make will be successful enough to send to you!)


      • Well, if one arrives in the post for you you’ll know I was successful! Although I won’t be sending anything out this week as I’m waiting for the post prices to go up again so I know what things cost.


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