Handwriting Tag

I found someone I follow doing a handwriting tag and I thought it looked like fun so I did my own.  I guess I copy-catted her.  Here is how it goes.  You answer 10 questions in handwriting.

Question #1: Write your name.  #2 Write your blogs name. #3 Write your favorite word & its definition. #4 Write something nice.  #5 Write the name of your favorite song right now.  #6 Whats you writing with? #7 Write a fun fact about yourself.  #8 Write/draw your favorite emotion.  #9 Write a silly message.  #10 Write who you’re tagging.

Picture1.29 3511Picture1.29 3510So here is my answers.

#1. Myra  #2. those secrets we keep  #3. Hello-expression of greeting.  #4. Have a beautiful day!  You’re the best! #5 Better When I’m Dancin’  by: Meghan Tranor  #6 A pen I was given at a job interview last week.  Its yellow from Durham School Services.  #7.  I love to make cakes & surprise my co-worker’s with a cake on their birthday.  #8 ❤  #9. I caught you looking!! LOL  #10 Tag your it.   Emma..Wendy..Jan.

This was a lot of fun. Play if you want.  Hugs, Myra

I found this on agirlsvoyageblog.wordpress on July 17,2016, her friend Regina nominated her.



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