My trusted friend

I know I have the oldest cell phone around.  But, it still works and my kids have my up grades.  When the numbers started falling off, I wanted to cry.  This isn’t a good time for my phone to die.  I need it to get a job, text my baby girl when I need to feel some love, and when I take a walk…just in case.Picture1.29 3512My poor phone, you have heard every kid ask for something, heard me when I’m lost, heard bad news form death to I’m laid off from my job and now to a job offer I can’t wait to start.

Just a little bit longer, we don’t have this job yet.  We won’t drown, we will stay strong together even when everyone else has walked away.

Thanking my phone for a good life seems strange to some but, its my life line right now and I’m grateful for it. With age comes beauty, my trusted friend has a beauty all on its own.


6 thoughts on “My trusted friend

  1. That’s funny, I know someone who still has a flip phone too! I say, if you are comfortable with it, what’s the problem? Except that you can’t be like 90% of us in America, glued to your phone like it’s your lifeline, using it for your mobile computer, and getting carpal tunnel from the constant typing, what’s wrong with that? Lol😜


    • I don’t do much on mine, I love it just the same. My kids are always giving me a hard time about all of my old things, but, they still work. I have a fancy red Nikon camera that isn’t always my friend. I keep it and hope one day we will find away to make perfect pictures. If I had a better phone I wouldn’t need that camera and I would have cold food because when you get a better phone you learn how to use it by taking food

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