Let’s play Qwirkle

Have you seen this game?  It’s really fun.  One of my new friends “Grace” was playing it with her hubby on her blog. It looked like fun and she said it was a game she could win.  That was enough for me to go look for it.  Sure enough it was at my favorite store, Target!

As my wonderful daughter and I started playing it she kept saying funny things like gay pride.  I use to have a rainbow bathroom until I found out it had a meaning so I had to get rid of it. I really like this game.  It has these black tiles with colorful symbols on them.  You make rows of the same or all the different symbols in a row.  We played without keeping score because it seemed more fun that way. Picture1.29 3514The first two games I forgot to take a picture of it…that’s so me.Picture1.29 3515As I look at how we played this game, it looks like we were drinking.  We sure didn’t line them up to straight.

This game is a keeper.  I love color and this game gave it to me.  There must be a good way to win, I just didn’t figure it out in our first three games.  Somehow, I never win but, keep coming back no matter what.

Thank you Grace for helping me find a great game to play with my kids.  I hope my friends all over the world can find this game, it’s so worth it!



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