Sunday Secrets

My beautiful daughter came home from her 7 long weeks away from home.  When she came off the plane I didn’t even notice her.  She had colored her hair!  She is now dark blue on the left side and purple on the right side of her head.

She couldn’t wait to take a long shower because we have the best water pressure in our shower, the one that hits your body with that hard water feeling.  Then, the next morning I find this on the towel rack.  I’m glad she enjoyed her shower and the towels aren’t new so it didn’t bother me that it’s a little new color to it. A little less in her hair too.

The beauty of having an amazing daughter!  I love you Paige, I’m so happy you are home.  Please don’t go away again for that long, I thought I was going to lose my mind.

That’s it for Sunday Secrets!


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