Dang is has been a long time!

Hello again.  “dang” it has been awhile since I have been here.  When I found this bag of toasted coconut chips I had to see what was inside.  Dang, that’s good! is on the back of the bag along with Chocolate and coconut=best friends for life.  Now who doesn’t want a best friend that is food!

These are coconut chips as a snack or sprinkle them on salads, ice cream and yogurt as a fun topping, well that is what Vincent K founder of Dang Foods writes on the back of the bag.  His Mothers name is Dang.  One day she gave him a recipe with toasted coconut chips that changed his life.  He started a company to share coconut chips with the world and named it after his Mother.  What a great son.

They are good and somewhat different.  The outside has a taste of it’s own.  You can taste the coconut and its good.  They are $1.49 at my local Target store.  I’m going to put them in a salad and taste them that way too.  I’m also thinking maybe in a cookie.

I’m back to blogging, I think.  My first two weeks of my new job went well.  I met the President of the company last week and shook his hand, let’s hope that was a good luck hand shake.  Then last week I met the trouble maker and someone in my area told me to stay away from her..ok, I will!  My first pay check on Friday was put in my hand and she said my name wrong and then I looked at my check and my last name was spelled wrong but, the bank took it.  The guy who has the work bench in front of me said, “You’re really learning fast”.  Why thanks!!  I guess that is why I colored my hair brown the week before so they wouldn’t think I was a dumb blonde!  The people are nice and they say “Good Morning” wow, not like the last place I worked at!!  On Friday we were given ice cream for a job well done, that was tasty!  Now if I can just get use to getting up at 4 am without feeling like I have jet lag all day, life will be perfect.

7 thoughts on “Dang is has been a long time!

  1. Hello!. I just started following along a few weeks ago!!.I started a blog page, that you visited, and encouraged me. Thank you so much for that. It is a lazy, summer day, and your sharings and news are really so welcome to me!!.I am so excited about Your new Job‼️.it takes getting used to..Love the sound of those ” Dangs”.. too!!.? Joanne from WordPress.


    • Hello! Thanks for stopping by. When I started I really didn’t know what I was doing, and maybe I still don’t..haha My new job is fun, I can’t wait for them to realize my name is Myra..lol If you want to do something on our blogs together, I love doing fun things. Topics could be things around the house or where do you go in town. In April I did a lot of it, it was fun. If you want we can start this week. I know my friends will come see your blog. Let me know.


  2. I LOVE Dang chips! Haven’t seen the chocolate ones though, will look for them when I grocery shop tomorrow. I was in Big Lots today and saw a brand (Dang???) that made bacon flavored ones though. I wasn’t brave enough for bacon flavored coconut so I left them there.


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