Now that’s “Random”

I love this word and it’s better as candy.  That’s so “Random”, is a phrase my daughter and I say together.  When I saw this candy bag, I had to try them.  Yes, this week is junk food week.  Look how much fun these little fruity candies are.Picture1.29 3570They come in fun shapes like a flower, a tree, a sea horse and some have a white bottom that is yummy too.  They are like gummy bears, so chewy.

These are a keeper!  They are so random…haha


3 thoughts on “Now that’s “Random”

  1. This is so cute and Sweet Myra. Sorry, I have cut back on my email preferances, Cumputor overhaul!!.eeks. I just love how you share, and take photos of you and your daughter’s happy moments. I feel sometimes I am just going to burst ” fromallthosesecrets” I keep!!.but I cannnot argue with Gum drops..and ” Random!” .. Variety Store addicted. 🍭 Joanne from wordpress.


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