Lay’s has flavor

Have you seen these?  Gotta love a tasty potato chip and these have lots of flavor.  It’s like Whoa in the first bite.  I love the bags, the names are not something you ask your friends if they tried a Brazilian Lay’s lately.  The Chinese Szechuan sounds like a sneeze.

How do you take a picture of these with all the color and who can eat just one!  I’m a open the bag and dig in kind of chip eater, unless it’s with sharing and then I pull out a bowl.  I’m not crazy about other hands digging into a chip bag.

These are good and tasty.  I must say the Chinese Szechuan Chicken wasn’t my favorite but, I’m sure if you like spicy, you will like these a lot.  Brazilian’s are very good, just don’t get to close to someone after eating them, the taste stay’s with you!

Lay’s, you have done it again.  Love these two.  Can’t wait to try the Wavy ones next.  I just couldn’t buy three bags at once.  I love my chips but, the kitchen doesn’t have that much room for all this flavor.

Have you tried these yet??  Let’s me know, I love to see who is stopping by.



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