Chocolate & a book

I found this Toffee & Almond in Milk Chocolate bar at the store and had to try it.  Then I walked into my daughters room and found her favorite bear named Ralphie next to this book.  It’s Saturday and she is out on a date, it’s time for me to sit in my favorite chair, eat this candy bar and read this book by Jessi Kirby.

I love this picture of her bear.  She must have been about 9 when she got him.  He has been next to her with every move we have taken.  A forever friend!  Not all of us can say we have a forever friend, but, I must say, Ralphie has been there with that warm hug all the way.  Paige will turn 20 on Friday, Aug. 26.  How did the time go so fast with her.  I wanted her to stay young for ever.  

Cheer’s to chocolate, books, friendships and amazing daughters!


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