Snail Mail on a Monday!

I have snail mail today.  Monday’s always seem like the day you get nothing in the mail but, not today.  Happiness happens for me.  My friend Emma does amazing things on envelopes.  Every time I see one from her I get so excited.

Then when I open it up I found tea bags and a letter!  The tea bags have their own holder, it’s so cute.  She did say her friend from a swap made it and I get to have it now, so excited.  Look at these tasty tea’s she sent me…heaven!

Thank you Emma, I can’t wait to try one and have it on my short drive to work.

Tomorrow I am baking muffins.  I found someone new to follow and I’m going to whip up something she baked on her blog. I went to the store and found everything I need, now I just need her magic touch to make them look so tasty.


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