Craft Challenge: Paper Bag Album

Hi everyone, I’m back.  It’s been busy in my world.  I’m a few days late on this project but, I really hope you try it.  I now have 63 followers so, I hope at least 15 of you try this challenge.

Me and my friend Emma at have been chatting about challenging ourselves to create something and show it on our blogs.  We’ve decide to challenge you, yes our readers, to do the same.  The craft we have decided to go with this time is a paper bag album.  There’s no theme or style.  The idea is simple, create a mini album using a paper bag as the base.  We’ve set a deadline for Sept.16.  Since I’m late you can be as late as Sept. 18.

To sum up the basics of this challenge

  • CRAFT: paper Bag Album
  • STYLE: none

DEADLINE: Sept.16 ish!

It’s as simple as that.  I’d love to see what you come up with.  Let me see what you have made and also go to Emma’s blog and link it to her’s too.

If you get stuck for inspiration for your album, go to “youtube”.  I found this idea from DawnInspirations under “one paper bag brag wallet tutorial”.  Trust me you will find something to make.

Here is what I made!  Pull out your paper cutter, your favorite cutters, tape, paper and those paper bags! Picture1.29 3623These are the paper bags I used.  You could use the ones we call lunch bags.Picture1.29 3624I used four pieces of scrap book papers and one solid brown piece that was card stock.Picture1.29 3625I also used these magnets but, you don’t have too.  I’m not sure these are strong enough.Picture1.29 3626This is showing you to cut the brown piece 5 7/8 X 5 1/2 and score at 1″ & 1 1/8″ then put tape and tuck it in the sides of the bag.  You must cut a slant out for it to fit.Picture1.29 3627Now!  Cut the cover piece straight or you will see the paper bag.  Yes even with a cutter I can mess up a straight line.  This is the top flap and the bottom that flips up over the paper bag.Picture1.29 3628This is my front with the paper over the brown cover, polka dots on the bottom piece.Picture1.29 3629This is the middle.  I forgot to say you must score the paper bag at 6″ and fold it up.  Where it say’s “Live laugh love is the open part of the bag, length wise, on the right side is the bottom of the bag. The open part of the bag I made tags to put pictures on. You can put a picture under the laugh.Picture1.29 3630Here it is open up the other way.  You can put a picture under live.  To the right or live is the bottom of the bag, you could glue it down or make another spot for pictures.Picture1.29 3631Here it is so you can see where the tags go.  It’s more confessing than I thought.Picture1.29 3632This was fun to make.  Getting the right cuts is “most” important, trust me.  As you can see here the paper bag is the middle of this album. You make the top cover and the bottom cover and tuck it into the side of the bag to give it a flap up and a flap down.  I used paper that went together but, you could really mix it up and make it a master piece. Making tags that hold journaling pages or just pictures go into the open part of the bags makes this album so cute.

I can’t wait to see what you make.  Be like me and bring out that paper and make it fun.  I must say it will take you some time but, don’t give up.  Go to youtube it’s amazing for help.

Remember to also go to my friend Emma’s blog, she is amazing!

The challenge is on.  I have 63 followers.  Some of you don’t craft so I understand you won’t be doing this.  Some of you craft but, not with paper so I get that too.  But, some of you…I started this blog from finding your crafting bug…ok if you follow someone who paper crafts then please ask them to come visit me or Emma and have them do this for you.

I love a challenge don’t you?


21 thoughts on “Craft Challenge: Paper Bag Album

      • It’s been a very busy, somewhat stressful Spring/Summer, but it seems that things are finally beginning to settle in to a routine. It only took school to start to get there …

        Kristyn is doing well, actually finishing up her third book.She’s even added a coloring book to her list of accomplishments. Two, actually – a separate one of ‘lefties’! Well, it’s the same coloring book, just with all the pages to color on the ‘other’ side of the book. Pretty clever, I thought!


      • Way to go KK! I had a friend txt me that I deleted him from FB..don’t know but I guess I did it to a lot of ppl..I hadn’t noticed..maybe you’re in that too..sorry..that is why I failed that computer class! Well, this is one way to see what I am doing and if you want, snail mail me. My life is full of secrets, except for the things I share here 🙂 I have the best circle of friend here on my blog, I hope you stop by more and share the laughter and the warmest friendships! All 63 of them will welcome you. Words can’t describe how amazing they all are. Have you started a blog? You could share all of your amazing crafts that you do and your warm heart.


      • Hate that feeling of finishing something but still feeling like there’s something missing. Maybe some extra embellishments? Someone on the front, like a magnet closure or ribbon closure? A magnet closure could be cool, with a little heart embellishment or something on the front? I don’t know 🙂
        Well, if you already have things out, why not make some more! I”ll definitely be making more versions of mine at some point, I’ll probably do a bigger version for my mom, maybe one for each of my sisters.


      • I think the pictures I put in it will help a lot. How fun to make one for your sisters. I wish I could pull out the selfies that Paige takes of herself for her friends and put them in this album. Then she could see what she did when she was young. I have pictures of some of the silly outfits I wore in my 20’s..I thought I was a rocker The memories of our youth, don’t worry you will get there soon, it happens so fast. My friend sent me a paper bag album a long time ago she made like a letter with pictures of what her kids had been doing and she left me a comment…so excited. So maybe this challenge was a great thing! I heard from a long time friend.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Definitely – always hard to tell how far to go with decorating when you don’t actually have pictures in. Once you have some pictures in it’ll probably look fine 🙂
        That’s great to hear! Even if we don’t get many people participating in this challenge, at least we’ve both had a lot of fun making our projects and it gave you the opportunity to hear from an old friend!


      • Oct. is a good month for a birthday because, there isn’t a holiday and family isn’t planning a vacation so, there is no reason why they can’t remember it’s your birthday!
        I love pumpkins so Oct. is a good month.

        Liked by 1 person

      • An expensive month that makes for me with so many birthdays though! Good thing me and my twin have a long standing agreement that we don’t get each other birthday presents – save a bit of money!
        I never really make halloween crafts so I have no idea what to make but I’m sure we’ll figure something good out!


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