That’s what happen

As you noticed, I’ve been gone for a while.  I really had some moments and some fun.  Along with getting use to my job.  Funny how the new girl gets to hear all the stories in just those few minutes on break time.  I have found myself going to my car during my lunch time, just to get away from the noise of it all, it works really well for me.

My daughter Paige is now 20, how times flies when your having fun.  I decided to make her a cake and make a little party on the kitchen table the day before.  She walked in from school that night and said, “I smell my birthday cake~”. Like every young person these days, out came that cell phone and up goes the selfies!Picture1.29 3591The next day brother Drew showed up with silly string and it was every where.  You can tell we live in California with the dead grass from no rain and please don’t use to much water or the noisy neighbor will have something to say about it.Picture1.29 3601One day she said she would like to paint he bedroom walls.   She found a color called Sunny Bordeaux.  A little dark for a small room.  So, we went to Ace and looked at paint.  With a money limit, the nice guy kindly talked her out of maroon and into something that looks like Tiffany blue.  Nice color but she wanted more.Picture1.29 3607So like the crazy Mother I am, she also got purple. She moved everything into our living room…can you hear me screaming?  Then on Sunday i started with Tiffany blue on two walls and the next day after work, I painted the other two walls purple.  They look great together, now let’s move things back where they should be.  This might take her some time due to…oh yes, school started.Picture1.29 3616So here she is living in the living room while the smell of paint leave her room.  She studied for this test and missed one and texted me how mad she was for missing one question.  Day four of school was hard and now we have a three day weekend to study math.  How do you live with the smart girl? Quietly trust me.Picture1.29 3618Then I started a challenge with my friend Jenny.  I’m sure I’ve talked about her before.  Well, she doesn’t make her bed so I started a challenge with her for the month of September to make her bed every day and post it on FB. She lives for FB.  I took a picture of my bed at 5am to show her how much fun it is to jump out of bed and make it and leave friends to enjoy the pillows.  Jenny hasn’t done so well.  How can you not make your bed everyday.  I love to come home and sit on a make bed.  She has had a bedroom all of her life, I guess if she had to share maybe she would look at a bed in a different way, who knows.Picture1.29 3612All I want to do is finish this book.  Paige didn’t like it when she found out I was reading her book so, I have been reading it only when she is gone.  Who knew there was a rule that Mothers can’t just pick up a book they find in their daughters room and start reading it.Picture1.29 3568That’s what I’ve been up too.  SO what have you been doing?

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the states.  It’s the first Monday in Sept, we have a three day weekend.  28 years ago I delivered my first son on Monday Sept. 5, 1988.  It was over 100 all weekend long and everyone said, wouldn’t it be fun for you to have this baby on Labor Day.  No, he would be three weeks early, and I just bought the car seat.  Well, Kevin arrived as happy as can be.  Hard to believe I have a son that is now 28 years old, and he’s a father to a 3 month old son.  Time flies when your having fun.

Enjoy your weekend.

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