24 on the 24th

When you turn 24 years old, you moved away from your family, you married a guy who became Chief in the Navy the week before your birthday and you are a mother of 5 kids, you deserve a lot of birthday cards.  My challenge this month was to make my daughter Alexis 24 birthday cards for her 24th birthday.  I started a few days late and not really knowing how long it would take snail mail to get to her.  When she didn’t text me that she got a card, I started to worry if she would get even 10 by her birthday.picture1-29-3636I started with these two cards.  I love the eyes and I really wanted a lot of these card to say 24!picture1-29-3642This card was easy but it’s hand made.picture1-29-3650Then you tube helped me make this “V” cut card.  I also decided to decorate every envelope too.  I wanted her to have a banner that said “happy birthday to you Alexis”..me and my bright idea’s!picture1-29-3667I made these cards all together, once you bring out the supplies, why not just go for it!picture1-29-3675I forgot to take a picture of the “b” and the card.. got so excited I guess!  So this is for birthday part of that banner.  I love the sunglasses on the “T”.  I got a little carried away with the “R”..hahahapicture1-29-3701You know when make six cards at once and decorate the envelope too, you some times take the worst photo’s.picture1-29-3712As a young girl she played this game a lot with her friends so, I had to make a card with the cards to make her laugh!  I think it turned out cute.picture1-29-3713Every girl likes to get money with a card so, I made $24 into candles.  I found out this card didn’t make it to her for her birthday…so sad.  But, she will get it on Monday when all the kids are in school so she will be able to spend it all on herself.picture1-29-3718I started this card with a crazy idea and then it turned out cute.  I had some extra candles so I thought I would make one that she would have to add the numbers together to get her age..lolpicture1-29-3658I love this card.  When she text me she always use’s these short words that I have had to learn over time, this is to show the words of the times!  OMG..Oh my god, UR..you are.picture1-29-3703I love this stamp.  Some times one stamp can do so much.picture1-29-3693I found this card on you tube and really didn’t have the punch to make it so I cut it out from finding a circle from a bottle and using my scissors to cut it out, it not as fancy as what was shown but still cute.picture1-29-3694This is what it looks like open up.  When you get the circle cut out, its all simple to put together and the piece of cake on the front holds down the front flap. In every card I stamped a little heart that I color in red and wrote MOM.

This was a hard project.  I really should have started it to see how many I could make in a week and then get them in the mail a lot sooner.

I did talk to her and she said that the mail man noticed her extra mail and stopped her before she left on Saturday to give her a few more cards.  That’s a great mail person.

She didn’t get them all on the 24th but, she said she has had fun getting them.  She has four daughters, they have had fun finding them in the mail and putting them on the wall.  I guess I will have to do something like this for them too.  I’m sure the teenager son won’t need this project, cash will be enough!

This was a lot of fun.  The things Mom’s do for their daughters!  My Mother would have never done this for me but she did do some amazing things for me.  She made a cross stitch of a cat that was so beautiful for me. She worked on it when I was at work at night and every Saturday while I was gone.  When she gave it to me I asked her how did you make this when we live together, she said it wasn’t easy!  So great projects always have a story.

Birthday’s should have a memory, let’s hope this will be a lol memory for my 24 yr. old daughter Alexis.  I don’t talk much about her but will never forget the day she came into my life…ouch. 🙂

What’s your best memory of one of your birthdays?  How many birthday cards have you gotten at one time?  Is your birthday something you plan the celebration?  What does your birthday mean to you?


13 thoughts on “24 on the 24th

      • I can’t get over the fact that she’s 24 and has 5 kids-that’s a lot to deal with so young. I hope her birthday was special and I will pray for her that everything goes well moving on.


      • Her story is unique. She went off to be with a friend after high school in another state to explore the world and met a girl with 3 young girls and a step son that wanted out of her marriage and was looking for someone to take her place. My daughter just wanted to babysit and one day walked in and the girl had her bags packed and said, enjoy my life. My daughter took on a full time job and after 5 years had a baby with this guy. Hes in the Navy and she now travels and meet’s new people. Crazy to read or understand but four kids didn’t get put into foster care because my daughter stepped up and took care of them. Some days I feel like I lost a daughter and he gain a wonderful mother for his kids but, she is off on an adventure just what she wanted. Maybe someday she will be back, because I’m not moving to far from here.

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    • She remember’s the funniest things I have done for her, when she talk’s about them I didn’t think they would be that important later to her, I just wanted to do fun thing for her and with her. She would wake me up at midnight and ask if I would have a bowl of cereal with her, who could say no to cereal at midnight! Or the boy I didn’t like and told him that he wouldn’t be sitting on my sofa! She does remember and I’m glad I was there to do it all.

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