Hi, How are you?

Hi there. How are you?  Is this a question or a saying?  We find ourselves using this line a lot.  Are we really asking?  Do they care if we stop to find out?  When taking a walk do we speak to someone who is passing us by?  When at work do we ask co-workers how are they? Or do we not, because we just don’t really want to know.picture1-29-1046I’m fairly nice in the morning with “Good Morning”.  If I don’t know someone I just smile as to say Hi.  You would think if someone smiles at you, you would smile back…right?  I’m finding this not to be true where I work.  It seems that right around Thursday, people aren’t the friendliest people around.  Am I just still on this natural high from being so happy to have a job that others just don’t get my smile or my happy hello?

When someone ask’s me, how are you?  I simple say, I’m fine.  Because they really don’t care and I’m not one to dump my day in the life of Myra on just anyone, the air listen’s better, trust me it does.

Today, I just want to say, Hi, How are you? And if you say it back, even better!


13 thoughts on “Hi, How are you?

    • Hi there Kim. I love how you are taking a picture everyday, I’m never in the picture but, I’m working on changing that.
      You never know about ppl at work but, I will stay true to who I am and that will be the Hello girl…lol
      Thanks for stopping by.


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