I’m A Winner!

I got mail to send!  Yes, I won these from Crystal.  She makes Stampin’ Up cards.  Love this company.  She lives in Hawaii, that must be a great home.  I found her one Sunday morning just snooping around blogs.  She asked her followers, “Who do you need to send a card too?”  So, I said my friend Emma.  Now I just need to buy some postage stamps and send these out.  Would you like one?picture1-29-3746Aren’t these beautiful!picture1-29-3747I love how she used the gold thread..love it!picture1-29-3748I have always wanted this stamp.  It’s just big, bold and fun!picture1-29-3745I love the back ground dot’s!  This is so cute.picture1-29-3739I would love to have these, but I don’t have a “big shot” and that’s something to use to cut these out.  Some day,maybe soon.picture1-29-3737I love this one so much, it has everything I love about paper and making cards..love it!

Thanks again Crystal for these amazing cards.  You make beautiful cards.  I’m hoping with some over time cash I will soon be able to purchase some products from you!

Do you want one of these cards?  Let me know and I will send it to you.

I’ve had a few weeks off from blogging.  It was odd not having anything to say.  A couple of my friends are also back from a blogging vacation, you have been missed.  Blogging is a funny thing, there isn’t a door to go to and say “Knock-knock, anyone home”. When someone is missing, I always wonder what happen. I guess we all have our reasons to stop.  I just have so much fun looking into everyone I follow blogs, you all inspire me to stay off the sofa and do something fun.  I have realized I don’t need thousands of followers, I have fun with who stop’s by and makes me smile. I thought about why I started blogging and it’s all about..secrets.  We all have them.  Some show in our writing, some secrets pop up in our comments we leave, and some just happen when we take a blogging break.  But, to win beautiful hand made cards from someone I found on a Sunday morning blog surfing, makes me realize there are some wonderful people to find in blogging.  So, thank you Crystal for sending me happiness and keeping me from closing my blog.


25 thoughts on “I’m A Winner!

  1. What a thoughtful blogger friend you have there! Those cards are very pretty and I’m so glad you won! I wouldn’t want you to part with any of them! Enjoy!


      • Hello, not much new. Kids off on school holiday for a week so spent the past week doing kid things! I didn’t have time for Inktober. So sad about it too as I promised myself that I would do it. How are you Myra?


      • I didn’t do to good with ink this month either. I only spent 2 hours on my cross stitch project. Life fills us so, we will craft later! My job is amazing and I have a new friend that sit’s at my front door daily..lol a stray cat to feed. I’m behind with everything but, life is good.

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      • So pleased to hear that things are going well for you. Life seems to move along at such a pace – I’m having trouble with the whole 24 hours a day thing. I could do with double that to get everything done at the moment!


      • Just keep doing it at any pace, one day you will look back and wonder, why did the time fly so fast and the kids will be off doing things without you. I am one kid away from being alone and it’s killing me.

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      • My kids tell me regularly that they want to always live with me. I tell them that they will change their mind once they are older. Thing is I can imagine that my daughter won’t want to move out as she is very reliant on me and my son says he doesn’t want to learn to cook so he will have to live with me forever. Glad he has his priorities right!


      • It’s funny how my kids were always in the kitchen when I was cooking and I never pushed them out of my way but, they still don’t cook to well. So I don’t know if they just wanted to be in my way or they really never thought my cooking was worth watching! But, now there are so many cooking show’s your kids will learn from the t.v. or youtube..hahaha

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