America..think hard on this

It’s about that time again..the President race for the White House on that famous Ave.  Who will get the job?  I get to vote by mail, saves me the head ache of standing in line with someone who always finds a way to stand behind me, and who feels the need to tell me their I ask?picture1-29-3753picture1-29-3752Here is what you get.picture1-29-3754We are asked to vote on bags we put our expensive grocery food in.picture1-29-3756Along with a few things to think about.picture1-29-3755How do you vote on marijuana when I think it smells bad and my neighbors need to stop selling it and smoking it because I really don’t like the smell of skunks that fills my yard then my home.

Just a few things to think about before Nov. 8th.  Good luck.  If I need help deciding there is a book with 234 pages to read.  Probably not the book I really want to read this weekend.

Voting is like telling your age or how much you weigh..haha..not something I freely speak about.  But, I guess this is the year I should really vote and not flip a coin and mark my ballet with that answer.  I do like flipping a coin to make up my mind.


8 thoughts on “America..think hard on this

  1. I try to keep at least a couple small ones in my backpack wherever I go. In Portland its paper only in a majority of stores, and it gives a very sad lesson for anyone that tries to walk with their paper bagged groceries in the middle of a rain storm.


    • I just wonder if ppl in my area really know what they are voting for in the first place. I’m sure after paying for a few bags at whatever price they set, I’m sure I will learn fast to bring my own.
      Love the story about rain and paper bags!


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