Happy Pumpkin Day

We had some fun carving out three pumpkins.  I truly didn’t know where I was going with mine but Paige cut out a cute girl with hearts and her “friend” not boy friend did some kind of Pokemon thing.  We had fun at the kitchen table.

I had a few kids at the door, more that the last few years.  I was on my tread mill when they started coming.  At least I got over a mile in.  It’s 8 p.m. and the street is quiet, time to get ready for bed.

I handed out bags of chips and Finding Dory fruit snacks.  Have a few left over.  The fruit snacks are really good.  I had to test out the candy before letting it go!

Remember tomorrow starts with “NO” say no all day long without guilt.  I love the month of November only for that reason.


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