Celebrate Mr. Owl with my jam friends

I got this ATC JAM from Lynnda.  She send’s me a lot of them!  They are only the size of a playing card but some times they feel like the size of an envelope.  All I have to do is add something more to them, it seems easy.  Until you stare at it to long and over think it.picture1-29-3779I had the “celebrate” stamp out on my desk from not putting it away.  So I thought, that would be cute.  Along with the banner.  But first I had to put some sparkle on it.picture1-29-3783I think it turned out cute.  I was the third person to put something on it.  Now all three of us will have one.  I will send it back to Stephanie who started this jam.picture1-29-3786My dollar stamp that I really need to practice with for some fall cards.  The best place to stamp and play is on an envelope. I pulled out my colored pencils and had some fun. The trees are starting to change colors here now.  I really don’t get the full fill of season’s here in Southern California.  We have one season and that would be called good sunshine.picture1-29-3784I have been looking at these stamps for about two weeks now.  I really need to make something with them.  

I was playing with my camera..bad idea.  Now I have the date at the bottom of my pictures. I will play again with those buttons and get it to go away.

I had an idea to take out my sofa and put in my treadmill.  I have become a sofa rat for way to long.  So, with a good friend and my daughter we got the treadmill out of storage and into the house.  I have walked a few good miles in front of the t.v.  I asked my daughter how many hours a day does it take to be called a gym rat?  Well, I guess that’s a full time job.  Not something I could ever become.  So, I guess I will become a living room rat on my treadmill. It should be safer then the streets.  I just hope I don’t jump to hard and put a hole in the floor.

Have a great Monday and what time is it anyways!!

9 thoughts on “Celebrate Mr. Owl with my jam friends

  1. Too cute, I love owls-I used to collect them, now it’s dolphins. I’m drawn to paper crafts, just rarely have the time to do many. Too much writing to do. I love what you did with yours! Maybe I’ll try something for the holidays.


    • These are a game I play in the mail with my pen pals. Three work on the same piece. It’s called a jam. It stands for just add more. I use to get about 40 a month, I’m down to about 15 a month. Good luck with your writing, I know you can do it!

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      • Thank you!
        That is so cool that y’all do that as pen pals! Where do you live again?
        I should have said something in my blog about trying to inspire others to join NaNoWriMo, just because I’m not doing it to write a novel, doesn’t mean you can’t, ya know? Have you ever thought about it? Have a great day! I’m off to get ready and take my dad to pre-op for his surgery on Wednesday.


      • It’s funny how I started this blog thinking it would get me to write more. Then I realized there is more to me then words on paper. SO I changed things and now I just show my secrets of life.
        Good luck with dad and hugs from Sunny Southern California! I think I just started NaNoWriMo..:)

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