Small Business Saturday Finds

I went to a Craft Show in my neighborhood and found two wonder ladies that have something good to think about buying. I hope you can go to their site’s and buy something along with me.  They both are amazing, I had the best time talking with both of them.picture1-29-3805She can be found here. So worth checking out.

iwant4I love the blue.meThis will be on my neck soon!  I can’t wait.  If I had more money with me at the show it would already be mine!  picture1-29-3806You must look at what she has to make every house smell yummy!

picture1-29-3796Guess what this is?  It’s a candle warmer.  Those fun things you put in your house to get it to smell all yummy.  I would love to have this one and its only $35.  Not sure where you put the wax.
picture1-29-3797Look how cute this one is!  This one caught my eye at the show.  How many of these is to many to have..lolpicture1-29-3800
This one reminds me of my Mother.   picture1-29-3798I love roller skates. This one is $43.picture1-29-3803This one goes into the wall.  This would be perfect for a bath room.  Its only $20.

(I had the worst time trying to get these pictures in the correct place and the one I really wanted to show where?  I just want to scream.)

I really hope you check out these amazing two ladies.  Help me share their business with the world. Please tell your friends/families.  I hope with this small blog of mine, they can both get more than $100 worth of sales this weekend. 



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