Good-Bye November 2016

It’s always hard to believe when a month comes to and end and you look back and notice..I’ve done NOTHING!

I did say that November starts with “NO” so you can say No!

I guess that is what I did, along with doing nothing at all.  Oh lazy me.

Let’s say Hello to December with a cheerful wave and a happy smile, even if it hurts. Let’s bring out that extra blanket and curl up with a warm drink and enjoy. Now doesn’t that sound like something our Mother’s would say?  I’m going to find myself walking out side and looking at all that December brings. 

I did notice that the leaves are changing colors, remember I live in Southern California, I really don’t know what change of season’s really are, I mostly see it from you, my blogging friends and your great photo’s.

I have noticed houses with Christmas lights already on.  What I really said was..let’s get over Thanksgiving please.

I really need some idea’s for this blog.  HELP, I’m boring.



3 thoughts on “Good-Bye November 2016

  1. I know the feeling, and the worries that you are experiencing! I worried all of November that I was boring people with all my nano talk. Why don’t you think of some way you can help people during this holiday month? Cute wrapping ideas? Yummy recipes? Inspirational quotes? idk. Just putting a few ideas out there! Good luck, I’m in the same boat-I should have spent last night working out my editorial calendar instead of watching tv…but I was so happy to be able to RELAX after the hectic month I’ve had. No big deal, we’ll think of something!


  2. You are not boring, or you wouldn’t have any followers! Maybe you are just busy, or distracted, or need a bit of time to gather yourself? I like reading your posts. Xx


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