One Quiet Day

Today was a great day to stay in, keep those “pj’s” on all day, but worth going out to see the sky. It was a quiet nice day.  Since my neighbor has started construction on his three car garage, it hasn’t been the best place to sleep in or enjoy peace and quiet until about 5 p.m.picture1-29-3827I have a week off from work.  What will I do without the alarm clock going off at 2:30 a.m.?

I was thinking maybe I should sleep in some.  But, then my daughter Paige reminded me about the roof that will be going on next door this week…Oh yes, I forgot.

It is cold enough to start that baking thing I love to do, but, then I think about that treadmill I have in my living room…Oh yes, that goal I need to reach.

Maybe I should make some card and play with paper…now that’s a good idea.  I miss those friends in the mail.

Maybe I should…..

Or maybe I could….

A week without a “TO DO List”, and I’m struggling on what to do. I’m just happy I don’t have a cold.  I don’t know how I missed that this year.

Hope you have a great week.



4 thoughts on “One Quiet Day

    • Thanks. It’s a little breezy but, the sun is out so…time to take a walk in the park! I can’t wait to show you what my kids got me! I got Prismacolor pencils, I can’t wait to do something amazing with them. I’m a lucky Mom.

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