In walks the POTUS

I just had to make a card for my friend Sandy who is someone that doesn’t have a problem telling it like it is.  Last summer she said that she was going to vote for Trump.  I said, Good for you.  What else could I say, voting is a good thing..right.Picture1.29 3886.jpgSo, tomorrow the United States will have a new President “aka” POTUS. President of the United States.  His name is Donald Trump.  He is a business man with a beautiful wife and some adult kids and also a younger son named Barron.  

I will never meet this man so, I’m really not to upset that he will have this new job.  New jobs are amazing, just ask me and I will tell you how much I like mine.  He has a different way with words that seems to make a lot of Americans not to happy with him.  He doesn’t like over weight women of his age so, I’m guessing he wouldn’t like me but, I also have a way with words when it comes to white men who talk to me. If I ever had the chance to talk to him, you never know we might have some disagreements on things but, I would be respectful only because…well, he is the President.  He has the next four years to make this nation his own and hopefully he will stay away from my job, we need airplanes and the space program.  

I’ve gotta say my stamps really made his name look amazing. I was really going for the tower look, because he is known for his Trump Towers in New York. I used my crystal stickles on the white of the flag to give it some texture. I didn’t even mat this, so it looks a little unfinished.  I like the story behind this card but, I’m not sure I will be sending any of these to my snail mail friends.  I really like my friends and I really would like to keep them.

I guess you have noticed I have been gone.  Somehow having company really stops me from pulling out my happiness in boxes (craft supplies) and my camera has some odd speck of something behind the lens that is making it difficult to take good pictures.  You know how life goes, we must work around the stuff and doing it all with a smile.  But, I am back and hoping that some of my ideas for this blog will help me stick to posting more this year.

I’m thinking about having a “happy mail day”.  I will show what I get in the mail from all of you to see my crafty friends and what they came up with.

I’m going to have a day where I make something that one of you have made, baked, or shown on your blog.

I had fun showing things around my hood and I’m thinking I will do some of that again.  I have to show you my dream house that is now built in walking distance…oh my big dreams.

I will have a day of what I found on “You Tube”.  You know how much I love my youtube.

This will be my only post about Trump.  I just wanted to show the card I made for my friend Sandy.  Oh yeah I forgot to say, I am now a member of her Bunco club that meets the first Tuesday of the month.  I get to host the month of Aug.  Yes, I got that spot because someone passed away.  I just can’t stop walking behind dead people…hahahaha

I will shut up now that I typed 611 words.  I should go on because my favorite number is 626, yes that is my birthday!


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