It’s not the’s me

One of those days when it’s really not the tools you are using, it’s really me.  I pulled out some paper and that trusty cutter and thought I would make a card or two.  It really hasn’t been that long since I sat and played with those crafting supplies or has it?  I just couldn’t cut a straight line even with my cutter and then to put tape on the back of paper and get it lined up..just wasn’t my day.picture1-29-3909This should have been simple to make.  It’s just a paper pack that you cut on the line and put it together.  It just wasn’t happening for me today.  My friend Darlene will love it anyways.picture1-29-3911This one is missing something too.  But, it’s simple and has a theme.

I can say I have two cards made and one letter written.  That’s a good last Sunday of January. I really thought I would do better this year with making cards and letter writing. Where did this month go?picture1-29-3899This is the other project I did today.  Yes, I color my daughters hair “tanzanite”.  I wore gloves but, I still found a way to get it everywhere!!  I did cover my table with a trash bag but, the floor has a few new spot’s!  My bath tub will need some cleaning powder too.  All in the name of…I love my daughter.  I’m just happy it’s all one color again, even if it’s not her true red color.  She had green on one side and blue on the other.  Oh trust me, people asked questions and had their comments.  She just smiled and then I heard what she really wanted to say when we got into the car.  I just keep telling myself that she doesn’t do drugs, she isn’t in and out of jail and she is going to college..stay grateful.


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