Name this meal

Have you ever had Sushi wrapped like a burrito? That is what this really is.  It’s kind of tasty too!  picture1-29-3938My wonderful daughter finds these interesting places to eat and so I decided I would try this one.  This one has tuna in it along with some salad stuff, mixed with some top roman noodles for a crunch.picture1-29-3939I had to pick at it first, I’m one of those eaters. The piece on the bottom right is a questionable taste of a something. The red stuff in the middle is the tuna…I ate it but, never again..oh trust me on that!picture1-29-3943My kids have been to this place a few times and keep going back.  I think my problem with this would be the fact that I’m not a sea food eater.  It taste fishy to me.  You get a lot for a wrap and it is the size of a burrito.  Somehow, I must say there are certain foods that shouldn’t be mixed together and I must say these are an odd blend.

If you are thinking about coming to California for lunch, stop by and we can go to this place called…. Poke Project.



4 thoughts on “Name this meal

  1. I am kind of with you on this. I like fish, as long as it doesn’t taste or smell too fishy! I eat the veggie option of sushi. All the fun, none of the fins….


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