Grateful..can you name 10 things?

Like always I was snooping around some other blogs and found one with this question.  Name 10 things you are grateful for.  Can you do it??  Of course we can.  It might take some thought.  Some things might seem little but, in truth, they are big.  There is no order and if you leave out people you love this round, it’s alright.

  1. Lip stick.  I love my lips. No matter how I feel, happy or sad, my lip stick puts on the best smile.  Everybody loves a good smile
  2. A table with a puzzle.  I love to be able to put a piece in the right spot and walk away with the sure pleasure of doing something fun, even for just one minute.
  3. My front door knob.  I have been putting a key in this knob for four years now.  It’s not a fancy place to live but, it’s better than living in my car.  And we all know I’ve done that before.
  4. My washer and dryer.  To be able to wash my clothes in my own washer is happiness.  Nobody’s stray hairs going in my clothes.
  5. Finding random things in a parking lot.  Sounds strange I know but, I love being able to see and looking at things that have been left behind.
  6. Looking at the sky and with clouds, even better.  Being able to look up and wash away my thoughts and bring in new ones…happiness.
  7. A shower.  To feel clean and smell fresh is a great feeling.
  8. My job.  I am the most grateful person at that place.  I love it.  They took away our radio’s last week.  I just keep working away, knowing I will get a pay check on Thursday that will drop into my account.  No worry of a bounced check for me!
  9. My bed.  I don’t have a head board or blankets that match, it’s the comfort of happiness, a place my kids still find the need to bounce their body on and even more if I’m laying on it and they can bounce me off of it..hahaha
  10. This blog.  A place to write my thoughts and show my world and learn from so many others in this amazing big world.  Grateful means something different to everyone, these are 10 of mine.  Written in ten minutes.

I feel like I just took a fast test of self.  I am grateful that I can walk too, maybe I will list that next time.

What are some of the things you are grateful for?  Don’t be shy, I’d love to see them.


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