What can I give up for 40 days?

It’s that time of the year again.  Time to give something up for 40 days.  I wasn’t raised to do this but, with kids and their friends doing it, we sorta do it for fun.  Most people I talk to give up something they like to drink or some bad habit.  Not sure where to start with giving up something.  My daughter and I talked about not going out to eat and only eating what we make.  So last night we landed at our favorite burger place to say good bye to In N’ Out Burger for the next 40 days.  I really need to do something on my own.picture1-29-3956Here are some of the things I came up with that I really enjoy in life and I left out my lip stick because nothing will be taking that away from me.  I really love my markers and color pencils..found a 30 day challenge that started today so…I’m thinking, not going to give them up this time.  I love my tea.  I wear a pony tail a lot lately because I’m trying to see if I can grow out my hair.  I need those eye lashes, a girl isn’t fully dressed without a little flirty butterflies to flash.  Nail polish is just simply happiness.  I love my stamps, who doesn’t love some stamped flowers in the spring time and then there is that creamer that I put in my drink from AM/PM..yum-yum.

Now do you see where I am with trying to give something up.  I’m stuck on trying to figure out something that will be a 40 day challenge.

I should probably start with looking in the mirror and tell myself to do something good for me every day.  Get back on that treadmill, get rid of all the clutter in my head, focus on something my future self will thank me for, reach for a goal and get it.  These are all the words I use to help someone else who is down on herself.  Maybe I should try my own words.

If this is something you are doing, good luck!


5 thoughts on “What can I give up for 40 days?

  1. We used to have to give up something for Lent when we were kids. It never worked! I don’t do it and so many people seem to ‘cheat’ so I wonder why they bother. For example a friend gave up wine, but bought a massive bottle of gin instead…!


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