My camera was kidnapped

I know it’s been a long time since I have taken a picture or even posted anything on this blog.  But, I didn’t think my camera would get taken and have many selfies taken while I was away.  I made a cake for a co-worker and after taking a picture of it, I discovered this beautiful daughter of mine has had some fun while I wasn’t watching.  I used to finding little notes around the house with her phrase “Paige was here” written on it.  But, not my camera!

I’m lucky to have a beautiful daughter with a great sense of humor but, maybe she could have thought about polishing her nails a little better for the picture show.  Those eyes are so amazing and those lips…the music that is sung from them daily, my ear’s have never been the same…lol  Well, it did take me four babies to get one to look like me.  This is a lot of me. I would never have blue hair, just wouldn’t match my blue eyes. She is wearing her favorite shirt, one of these days it’s going to go missing.

Picture1.29 3981This is what I made for my friend at work, and this is how I came upon these pictures.

This cake was amazing. A double layer strawberry cake with cream cheese & whip cream frosting.  Yummy.

Hope you are doing good.  This month is almost over…hard to believe.


12 thoughts on “My camera was kidnapped

      • Yes I do Myra! I’m not sure “who” I’ll be this year but I have my journal ready and I’ve been tweaking the looks of both my blogs in preparation. Only days left… I start Saturday. I need to write my intro post before then too… I better get on it!


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