Happy Mail

I always love it when my friends send me cards.  I get to see what they are making.  The month of March I got two cards. I didn’t do to good at sending cards out so, I am excited that any one is still writing to me! I guess the month of April is letter writing month…I better get on it.  Picture1.29 4004My happy mail and where it gets to hang out for a month and sometimes longer.Picture1.29 4006This beauty was sent to me from Donna Sue but she didn’t make this card.  Bonnie who has a blog that I follow made this card and sent it to Bonnie who “recycles the cards she receives.  I need to start sending cards to Bonnie because she gives me some of the best ideas to make my next card. This card is just beautiful.
Picture1.29 4005This card is from Su. I love how she cut’s into her paper packs without a worry.  That is a challenge for me. I love this paper, the gold shine, the shapes, love, love this card. She also writes the best letters.  We have been pen paling for years. Even thou I have never met her, I just feel like I could walk into her house and we would talk like we lived next door to each other.  Such a special friendship that has grown from letter to letter.

My focus for today is write to my friends and everyday for the month of April I’m going to surprise them with a card and letter.  My letters wont be to long but, its the love I put on paper that’s going to shine.  SO watch your mail boxes!

If you would like a letter from me email me at….ohmyrano(dot)yahoo(dot)com and you will get a surprise letter to help me send out letters in the month of April. 

I hope this gets you to also write one letter this month and surprise someone.


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