It’s not the’s me

One of those days when it’s really not the tools you are using, it’s really me.  I pulled out some paper and that trusty cutter and thought I would make a card or two.  It really hasn’t been that long since I sat and played with those crafting supplies or has it?  I just couldn’t cut a straight line even with my cutter and then to put tape on the back of paper and get it lined up..just wasn’t my day.picture1-29-3909This should have been simple to make.  It’s just a paper pack that you cut on the line and put it together.  It just wasn’t happening for me today.  My friend Darlene will love it anyways.picture1-29-3911This one is missing something too.  But, it’s simple and has a theme.

I can say I have two cards made and one letter written.  That’s a good last Sunday of January. I really thought I would do better this year with making cards and letter writing. Where did this month go?picture1-29-3899This is the other project I did today.  Yes, I color my daughters hair “tanzanite”.  I wore gloves but, I still found a way to get it everywhere!!  I did cover my table with a trash bag but, the floor has a few new spot’s!  My bath tub will need some cleaning powder too.  All in the name of…I love my daughter.  I’m just happy it’s all one color again, even if it’s not her true red color.  She had green on one side and blue on the other.  Oh trust me, people asked questions and had their comments.  She just smiled and then I heard what she really wanted to say when we got into the car.  I just keep telling myself that she doesn’t do drugs, she isn’t in and out of jail and she is going to college..stay grateful.


Would you call her Sidney?

You know how I love to look at blogs on Sunday morning.  Today I found this blog called  This is their 8th year and they have a new girl, isn’t she amazing!  So they need a name for her.namemeThose big eyes with those eye brows made me think of my friends daughter Sidney.  She is beautiful but, will tell you in a heart beat to move out of her way but, then send you a thank you card out of the blue.

I really love this image.  I think you can down load it off her blog.  

What would you name her?

In walks the POTUS

I just had to make a card for my friend Sandy who is someone that doesn’t have a problem telling it like it is.  Last summer she said that she was going to vote for Trump.  I said, Good for you.  What else could I say, voting is a good thing..right.Picture1.29 3886.jpgSo, tomorrow the United States will have a new President “aka” POTUS. President of the United States.  His name is Donald Trump.  He is a business man with a beautiful wife and some adult kids and also a younger son named Barron.  

I will never meet this man so, I’m really not to upset that he will have this new job.  New jobs are amazing, just ask me and I will tell you how much I like mine.  He has a different way with words that seems to make a lot of Americans not to happy with him.  He doesn’t like over weight women of his age so, I’m guessing he wouldn’t like me but, I also have a way with words when it comes to white men who talk to me. If I ever had the chance to talk to him, you never know we might have some disagreements on things but, I would be respectful only because…well, he is the President.  He has the next four years to make this nation his own and hopefully he will stay away from my job, we need airplanes and the space program.  

I’ve gotta say my stamps really made his name look amazing. I was really going for the tower look, because he is known for his Trump Towers in New York. I used my crystal stickles on the white of the flag to give it some texture. I didn’t even mat this, so it looks a little unfinished.  I like the story behind this card but, I’m not sure I will be sending any of these to my snail mail friends.  I really like my friends and I really would like to keep them.

I guess you have noticed I have been gone.  Somehow having company really stops me from pulling out my happiness in boxes (craft supplies) and my camera has some odd speck of something behind the lens that is making it difficult to take good pictures.  You know how life goes, we must work around the stuff and doing it all with a smile.  But, I am back and hoping that some of my ideas for this blog will help me stick to posting more this year.

I’m thinking about having a “happy mail day”.  I will show what I get in the mail from all of you to see my crafty friends and what they came up with.

I’m going to have a day where I make something that one of you have made, baked, or shown on your blog.

I had fun showing things around my hood and I’m thinking I will do some of that again.  I have to show you my dream house that is now built in walking distance…oh my big dreams.

I will have a day of what I found on “You Tube”.  You know how much I love my youtube.

This will be my only post about Trump.  I just wanted to show the card I made for my friend Sandy.  Oh yeah I forgot to say, I am now a member of her Bunco club that meets the first Tuesday of the month.  I get to host the month of Aug.  Yes, I got that spot because someone passed away.  I just can’t stop walking behind dead people…hahahaha

I will shut up now that I typed 611 words.  I should go on because my favorite number is 626, yes that is my birthday!

I won the raffle at work

It’s funny how the “newbie” always win’s at work.  I’m the winner!  The last day at work there was a raffle and they gave away some really nice prizes.  My ticket was the first one called.  Can’t tell you the excitement I felt walking up to receive my prize, hearing my friends cheering for me made me feel like I really belong to a great crowd of people.picture1-29-3862We all know I’m not good at anything new.  My daughter plugged this into her cell phone and the sound is amazing.  Looks like when the neighbor wants to have a music war, I am now ready.

My son asked if he could have this.  The first thing that came out of my mouth was..”Do you come see me once a week?”.  The look on his face was priceless.  I always give everything to my kids but, this time I have decided to keep this gift.  I might not use it everyday but, it’s the memory of weaving through the crowd of co-workers to get this that makes me really want to keep it.

Do you have something that you received that you just won’t give up even to your child?

Have a great day!  I’m off to do whatever.  Time off is so odd, but a good odd.

One Quiet Day

Today was a great day to stay in, keep those “pj’s” on all day, but worth going out to see the sky. It was a quiet nice day.  Since my neighbor has started construction on his three car garage, it hasn’t been the best place to sleep in or enjoy peace and quiet until about 5 p.m.picture1-29-3827I have a week off from work.  What will I do without the alarm clock going off at 2:30 a.m.?

I was thinking maybe I should sleep in some.  But, then my daughter Paige reminded me about the roof that will be going on next door this week…Oh yes, I forgot.

It is cold enough to start that baking thing I love to do, but, then I think about that treadmill I have in my living room…Oh yes, that goal I need to reach.

Maybe I should make some card and play with paper…now that’s a good idea.  I miss those friends in the mail.

Maybe I should…..

Or maybe I could….

A week without a “TO DO List”, and I’m struggling on what to do. I’m just happy I don’t have a cold.  I don’t know how I missed that this year.

Hope you have a great week.


Candy Wrapped Snowman

It’s always fun to play with candy!  I found this cute Snowman made with three pieces of candy and some craft paper.  I love to give candy as a gift and this was fun and easy to make!picture1-29-3815I had a hard time not eating all the candy before getting all the supplies out to make this project.picture1-29-3814My directions are really awful but, this is how it starts.  A piece of window sheet was used on a the back but, I used a piece of white card stock cut at 3 3/4 X 3/4 and punch a hole at the top.  With three pieces of white card stock cut at 3 1/2 X 7/8, put a piece of tape at the end of one side.  Put a glue dot on the back of each candy and put candy on the paper with the hole on top.  Then put double sided tape on the back of that piece. Next step is to wrap the candy with those three pieces of paper. Make a hat, arms, buttons, and a nose and put it all together and add a string to hang it.picture1-29-3823It looks so hard but really its very easy. If I can do it, I know you can.

I gave them to the lady at work who is called my trainer. She is starting to understand why I catch on to our work so’m a little crafty at times. 

I hope you try these.  I found them on you tube by: Jeanette Cobb.  Look for: Stampin Up Hanging Snowman with Dove chocolate promise.

I’ve taken a little break again, you know those secrets we keep pop up at random times.  I found some postage stamps in a hidden box so now I can send out things to my snail mail those far away friends who never give up on me and understand the meaning of life.

I’ve been away so long that I notice that “word press” has a new look.  Another change to get use too…ouch.  I haven’t figured out the last one and now one to a new one.

Good-Bye November 2016

It’s always hard to believe when a month comes to and end and you look back and notice..I’ve done NOTHING!

I did say that November starts with “NO” so you can say No!

I guess that is what I did, along with doing nothing at all.  Oh lazy me.

Let’s say Hello to December with a cheerful wave and a happy smile, even if it hurts. Let’s bring out that extra blanket and curl up with a warm drink and enjoy. Now doesn’t that sound like something our Mother’s would say?  I’m going to find myself walking out side and looking at all that December brings. 

I did notice that the leaves are changing colors, remember I live in Southern California, I really don’t know what change of season’s really are, I mostly see it from you, my blogging friends and your great photo’s.

I have noticed houses with Christmas lights already on.  What I really said was..let’s get over Thanksgiving please.

I really need some idea’s for this blog.  HELP, I’m boring.


Small Business Saturday Finds

I went to a Craft Show in my neighborhood and found two wonder ladies that have something good to think about buying. I hope you can go to their site’s and buy something along with me.  They both are amazing, I had the best time talking with both of them.picture1-29-3805She can be found here. So worth checking out.

iwant4I love the blue.meThis will be on my neck soon!  I can’t wait.  If I had more money with me at the show it would already be mine!  picture1-29-3806You must look at what she has to make every house smell yummy!

picture1-29-3796Guess what this is?  It’s a candle warmer.  Those fun things you put in your house to get it to smell all yummy.  I would love to have this one and its only $35.  Not sure where you put the wax.
picture1-29-3797Look how cute this one is!  This one caught my eye at the show.  How many of these is to many to have..lolpicture1-29-3800
This one reminds me of my Mother.   picture1-29-3798I love roller skates. This one is $43.picture1-29-3803This one goes into the wall.  This would be perfect for a bath room.  Its only $20.

(I had the worst time trying to get these pictures in the correct place and the one I really wanted to show where?  I just want to scream.)

I really hope you check out these amazing two ladies.  Help me share their business with the world. Please tell your friends/families.  I hope with this small blog of mine, they can both get more than $100 worth of sales this weekend.