What can I give up for 40 days?

It’s that time of the year again.  Time to give something up for 40 days.  I wasn’t raised to do this but, with kids and their friends doing it, we sorta do it for fun.  Most people I talk to give up something they like to drink or some bad habit.  Not sure where to start with giving up something.  My daughter and I talked about not going out to eat and only eating what we make.  So last night we landed at our favorite burger place to say good bye to In N’ Out Burger for the next 40 days.  I really need to do something on my own.picture1-29-3956Here are some of the things I came up with that I really enjoy in life and I left out my lip stick because nothing will be taking that away from me.  I really love my markers and color pencils..found a 30 day challenge that started today so…I’m thinking, not going to give them up this time.  I love my tea.  I wear a pony tail a lot lately because I’m trying to see if I can grow out my hair.  I need those eye lashes, a girl isn’t fully dressed without a little flirty butterflies to flash.  Nail polish is just simply happiness.  I love my stamps, who doesn’t love some stamped flowers in the spring time and then there is that creamer that I put in my drink from AM/PM..yum-yum.

Now do you see where I am with trying to give something up.  I’m stuck on trying to figure out something that will be a 40 day challenge.

I should probably start with looking in the mirror and tell myself to do something good for me every day.  Get back on that treadmill, get rid of all the clutter in my head, focus on something my future self will thank me for, reach for a goal and get it.  These are all the words I use to help someone else who is down on herself.  Maybe I should try my own words.

If this is something you are doing, good luck!

Grateful..can you name 10 things?

Like always I was snooping around some other blogs and found one with this question.  Name 10 things you are grateful for.  Can you do it??  Of course we can.  It might take some thought.  Some things might seem little but, in truth, they are big.  There is no order and if you leave out people you love this round, it’s alright.

  1. Lip stick.  I love my lips. No matter how I feel, happy or sad, my lip stick puts on the best smile.  Everybody loves a good smile
  2. A table with a puzzle.  I love to be able to put a piece in the right spot and walk away with the sure pleasure of doing something fun, even for just one minute.
  3. My front door knob.  I have been putting a key in this knob for four years now.  It’s not a fancy place to live but, it’s better than living in my car.  And we all know I’ve done that before.
  4. My washer and dryer.  To be able to wash my clothes in my own washer is happiness.  Nobody’s stray hairs going in my clothes.
  5. Finding random things in a parking lot.  Sounds strange I know but, I love being able to see and looking at things that have been left behind.
  6. Looking at the sky and with clouds, even better.  Being able to look up and wash away my thoughts and bring in new ones…happiness.
  7. A shower.  To feel clean and smell fresh is a great feeling.
  8. My job.  I am the most grateful person at that place.  I love it.  They took away our radio’s last week.  I just keep working away, knowing I will get a pay check on Thursday that will drop into my account.  No worry of a bounced check for me!
  9. My bed.  I don’t have a head board or blankets that match, it’s the comfort of happiness, a place my kids still find the need to bounce their body on and even more if I’m laying on it and they can bounce me off of it..hahaha
  10. This blog.  A place to write my thoughts and show my world and learn from so many others in this amazing big world.  Grateful means something different to everyone, these are 10 of mine.  Written in ten minutes.

I feel like I just took a fast test of self.  I am grateful that I can walk too, maybe I will list that next time.

What are some of the things you are grateful for?  Don’t be shy, I’d love to see them.

A gift from Emma

I have the most amazing friend in the mail.  Her name is Emma and she lives in Ireland. She sends me tea bags that I have never seen or tasted before.  What a great friend to have!

This morning I made this yummy Peppermint & Licorice tea from Pukka.  Love the flavor of these two together.  At first I had my worry but, the peppermint takes over all the fear. The hint of licorice is perfect, not to bold at all.

If you are a tea lover like Emma & I, this is one to try.

I have been the worst pen pal for months.  When I sat & drink this tasty tea, all I could think about was, what a wonder friendship I have with Emma, she keeps writing me even when I have had to stop for awhile.  I am so lucky that she understands those little secrets I keep with not having enough time or extra money to send out things every month.  Those special friendships mean so much and we don’t always let those special friends know that they are important and thank you for not giving up on me.

A gift comes in many different ways.  I have been gifted with a friend who has a big heart and loves so many things that I do.  I would have never gotten this gift is it wasn’t for a simple hi on her blog. You can find her here puddlesidemusings.wordpress.com (if I did this right..lol)

Emma, thanks for being my friend! 

Name this meal

Have you ever had Sushi wrapped like a burrito? That is what this really is.  It’s kind of tasty too!  picture1-29-3938My wonderful daughter finds these interesting places to eat and so I decided I would try this one.  This one has tuna in it along with some salad stuff, mixed with some top roman noodles for a crunch.picture1-29-3939I had to pick at it first, I’m one of those eaters. The piece on the bottom right is a questionable taste of a something. The red stuff in the middle is the tuna…I ate it but, never again..oh trust me on that!picture1-29-3943My kids have been to this place a few times and keep going back.  I think my problem with this would be the fact that I’m not a sea food eater.  It taste fishy to me.  You get a lot for a wrap and it is the size of a burrito.  Somehow, I must say there are certain foods that shouldn’t be mixed together and I must say these are an odd blend.

If you are thinking about coming to California for lunch, stop by and we can go to this place called…. Poke Project.


Hershey’s Kiss Heart

I love hearts and those one bite Hershey kisses.  When I found hearts and kisses together, I had to make them.  Super easy to make and something to give to someone to make them smile!picture1-29-3915Here we go..just read along for this project.picture1-29-3917This isn’t my favorite glue.  I just can’t seem to keep it off of my fingers.picture1-29-3914picture1-29-3918picture1-29-3919picture1-29-3922picture1-29-3923picture1-29-3924picture1-29-3925picture1-29-3927picture1-29-3928See how easy these are to make.

Brenda makes some amazing projects, and she gives great step by step instructions.

Valentines Day is coming up, I love making things like this!

It’s not the cutter..it’s me

One of those days when it’s really not the tools you are using, it’s really me.  I pulled out some paper and that trusty cutter and thought I would make a card or two.  It really hasn’t been that long since I sat and played with those crafting supplies or has it?  I just couldn’t cut a straight line even with my cutter and then to put tape on the back of paper and get it lined up..just wasn’t my day.picture1-29-3909This should have been simple to make.  It’s just a paper pack that you cut on the line and put it together.  It just wasn’t happening for me today.  My friend Darlene will love it anyways.picture1-29-3911This one is missing something too.  But, it’s simple and has a theme.

I can say I have two cards made and one letter written.  That’s a good last Sunday of January. I really thought I would do better this year with making cards and letter writing. Where did this month go?picture1-29-3899This is the other project I did today.  Yes, I color my daughters hair “tanzanite”.  I wore gloves but, I still found a way to get it everywhere!!  I did cover my table with a trash bag but, the floor has a few new spot’s!  My bath tub will need some cleaning powder too.  All in the name of…I love my daughter.  I’m just happy it’s all one color again, even if it’s not her true red color.  She had green on one side and blue on the other.  Oh trust me, people asked questions and had their comments.  She just smiled and then I heard what she really wanted to say when we got into the car.  I just keep telling myself that she doesn’t do drugs, she isn’t in and out of jail and she is going to college..stay grateful.

Would you call her Sidney?

You know how I love to look at blogs on Sunday morning.  Today I found this blog called Someoddgirl.com  This is their 8th year and they have a new girl, isn’t she amazing!  So they need a name for her.namemeThose big eyes with those eye brows made me think of my friends daughter Sidney.  She is beautiful but, will tell you in a heart beat to move out of her way but, then send you a thank you card out of the blue.

I really love this image.  I think you can down load it off her blog.  

What would you name her?