Surprise…I’m here

Sometimes boys just wanna see the world sooner than we would like them too.  A few weeks early but, happy to say I have someone new that will call me Grandma.  On election day here in California, I found myself lost in the hall ways of a hospital to find this quiet little boy, sleeping happily while his parents also slept.  I knew on Sunday when my son put the car seat in the car & learned how to fold up the stroller, it was nesting time.Picture1.29 3337Beautiful little “TAG” now has a cousin, her Mom now a Auntie & her favorite Uncle a Dad.Picture1.29 3325This is the smile, after her & Uncle knocked over the fish bowl together while playing. She needed to put on a new dress & Uncle needed to learn when his sister say’s..hey, watch out she’s going to knock that over, he should listen!”  Somehow, the fish stayed in the water. And he got some early parenting advice from his younger sister, three days before becoming a Dad.

June 7, 2016…what a great day!


21 thoughts on “Surprise…I’m here

  1. Congratulations – another little miracle enters the world. You just can’t beat being a grandparent. I’ve just spent a lovely day on the beach with my 2 gorgeous granddaughters.. Magical memories created! x


      • Ahhh – yes as they grow so quickly – I can’t believe that my 2 gorgeous girlies are now 6 & 4 – it’s flown by. Enjoy your precious moments x


      • Absolutely true – the girls are very different to my 2 sons – both lovely in their own ways. I always laughed at the difference with my sister who had 5 girls and 1 boy. The girls parties – all the girls playing lovely little party games….. The boys parties – a wild house with boys charging round fighting and rolling about on the floor! x


      • Yes! We had a slip-n-slide party, it turned into a water fight with the hose. Funny how all those friends still to this day talk about how much fun it was!
        I can still sing Go Go Power Ranger’ Do you remember Pogs, those disc that they flip, or those Cards Poke ever you spell it, they were all so important. lol

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      • Oh absolutely – Yep – our grass never did recover from the football and slip and slide garden games and now we’ve started them all over again and enjoying every one of the bald patches on the grass! Oh yes – Pogs – I’m sure we spent £1000’s on them – hours of peace and quiet gained while the ‘swapsies’ were undertaken so worth every penny at the time…. What about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… Oh and I still tease my oldest about his favourite – CARE BEARS! hilarious xx


      • Yes I have had it all. Those Furbies with my girls and the Bopit games too. My youngest daughter got 17 Barbie dolls for her 5th birthday, they were all different
        Then we had Healies, they were shoes with wheels, then the Scooters, the skate boards. So much fun.
        I had three kids in high school, all in sports, that was crazy but, fun.

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